Praise for The Service-based Paradigm Mindset

 As a continuation of his first two books that assemble the puzzle of Customer Success transformation, Vincent captures the essence of the mindset shift that must occur for organizations to truly be customer-first. This book is a guide for how to move from providing reactive customer support to proactive customer value. One key takeaway is to involve your customers in their own success! Surprisingly, many organizations don’t do this today. Are you working for one of them? Find out how to shift this mindset, among others, in this excellent read."

Mary PoppenChief Customer Officer at Glint

 In Vincent’s 3rd book, The Service-Based Paradigm Mindset: Unlocking Value, Growth and Transforming CS Organizations, he has taken the insights from his last two books and has developed a thought process that is geared to organizations that are moving towards a customer-centric mindset. Vincent states, “To drive meaningful and relevant success, organizations must NOT view customer involvement as a means to an end, but a continuation of a great story to nurture and grow over time." His interpretation of customer success is tied to understanding a customers’ why, which will ultimately lead to long-term business success for any organization. Vincent lays out great suggestions to help any organization to review their current philosophies and/or implement new ones. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking to sharpen their skills in Customer Success.”"

Tom KiriakouDirector of Customer Success at Achievers

 The Service-Based Paradigm" by Vincent Manlapaz struck me as inspirational in the first few chapters. His "Mindset" heuristic features INTENTION (the impact of the brand efforts), which marketers typically overlook to define their customer success programs. This ties into the Communication Gap (outlined further into the book). If marketers spent time understanding intention and how to close the communication gap with their customers, it would definitely be a win/win. Lots of data and references in this book to make it a must-have for your virtual bookshelf."

Jeanne HopkinsChief Revenue Officer at SquadLocker

 I have never read such a detailed breakdown of customers in any other Customer Success book, or you might more accurately call this a Business Success book. The keyword in Customer Success is "Customer." Vincent uses a Service-Based Paradigm mindset to show you how to succeed and become a growing and profitable business with happy customers. There are also many layers that Vincent peels back on the customer’s emotion, commitment, involvement, expectations, confidence, and more. He keeps it relevant to the current economics and pandemic we face as CS professionals and leaders today. This book will navigate you through how to change how you think, behave, and manage as a company in a Customer King’s world."

Kim OslobSr. Director of Customer Engagement at MeasuringU

 Vincent's new book is a fresh look at the state of customer success in a new learning and working world where protecting customer experience and revenue is increasingly important. 2020 has thrown so many unknowns to companies and forced them to look inward and prioritize what matters. At the center, it is people, both the customer and the employee, who make the product possible. I recommend this book when thinking about what has impacted the customer journey to date and how the new user experience is impacting how and what companies develop and deliver when it comes to customer implementation, adoption and growth."

Emilia D'AnzicaAdvisor, author, and speaker at GrowthMolecules

 Vincent's new book is bursting with thought-provoking ideas validated by trustworthy sources. The content encourages critical thinking throughout and includes the introduction of his Service-Based Paradigm Mindset: a logical formula to help us arrive at the Customer's Truth. You'll also want to check out Vincent's take on Google's HEART Framework. I recommend using his template to plug n' play and see how you score! Overall, there is a lot of opportunities to expand your knowledge of customer success, and I recommend you do."

Ronni GaunEnterprise CSM at Zoom, Top 100 Customer Success Strategist 2020

 In Vincent’s third book, The Service-Based Paradigm Mindset: Unlocking Value, Growth and Transforming CS Organizations, Vincent delivers solid reasoning for an organization to understand the behavior of customers and how the mindset of a service-based organization can position the brand value and relationship to meet customer needs. Creating an emotional connection to customers is necessary for the growth of an organization’s business. One area of the book that resonated with me is that Vincent creates clarity around Customer Success being an organization-wide effort. In creating those emotional connections, Vincent says, “It’s about helping all the other teams [within an organization] see the importance of customer emotion and its impact once it becomes a core value (or focus) of an organization.” Further in his book, Vincent says, “…CS becomes an integral part of the business operation, not just for survival and growth, but to discover new outcomes or business opportunities…”. I’ve read many books on Customer Success and while some address the cross-functional nature of Customer Success, few address it head-on and almost none address the need for the Customer’s perspective to have a seat at executive meetings. The lack of C-suite representation places CS below other functions within an organization. After all, how can an organization claim to be customer-centric when the customer’s perspective does not have a seat in the C-suite? This book is a great read for senior leadership and frontline workers alike."

David EllinChief Customer Officer at Centric Leadership Strategies

 “The content in The Service-Based Paradigm by Vincent Malapaz is so relevant as now is the time to double down on Customer Success and to reevaluate how well your organization is delivering that success. The role of a CSM can feel like a catch-all position that requires a myriad of disparate skills and traits. I really enjoyed the framework for a strategic Customer Success organization rather than a catchall department.”"

Angela CarmackDirector of Client Success at Awardco

 Understanding how to bridge your service and potential customer emotional gaps is a key component in creating customer loyalty. Vincent tackles this with the Service-Based mindset. He focuses on the dynamic design and nature of customer success that is comprised of a continuous stream of interactions. He even incorporates UX concepts from the Google Heart framework to help CS professionals align customer emotion with a vendor’s product capabilities. You will come away understanding that building lasting relationships is not linear. And you will also be equipped with emotional literacy basics to win the customer loyalty game."

Michael FerryDirector of Customer Success at Successware