Praise for Rediscovering Customer Success

 Vincent's new book "Rediscovering Customer Success" touches on all the key aspects needed to become a company that truly values their customers' and gives them a voice. He clearly lays out the paths and steps you need to take to ensure companies are aligning with their customers and meeting their business objectives and goals. The book is a must-read for CEO, COOs, CROs, and CS Leaders in a SaaS organization that wants to move to the next level or start out on the right path. It is a clear justification for the value and need for a solid Customer Success Organization in companies with a recurring revenue model.”"

Kim Oslob, Sr. Director of Customer Engagement

 The customer isn't successful until they agree they are receiving value or what we call impact from engaging in a partnership with a company or leveraging a platform. This is where customer success comes in. Vincent's book is a good segway into why customer success matters to growing revenue through improved customer experiences. He explores why starting in your customer shoes will lead to better business results. A refreshing perspective on Customer Success!”"

Emilia D'Anzica, Chief Customer Officer

 Vincent captures the essence of Customer Success in his new book, which focuses on how companies bring true value to their customers vs. simply implementing a product or delivering a service. Customer Success is not about a one and done transaction, but about ongoing relationships and true customer intimacy that evolves from knowing your customer better than anyone else. In this new book, Vincent reveals the insights that show Customer Success is the key to unlocking value and transformation with your customers.”"

Mary Poppen, Chief Customer Officer

 Vincent is one of the most passionate advocates for the Customer Success profession and in "Rediscovering Customer Success" he continues his meticulous and detailed examination of why Customer Success needs to be at the heart of every successful business. Thoroughly researched with perspectives and learning from practitioners around the globe, this book is an invaluable resource for founders, executives, and practitioners alike, especially in the challenging macroeconomic climate we all find ourselves in today.”"

Rav Dhaliwal, Investor and Partner

 Vincent’s new book, Rediscovering Customer Success, provides the reader a clear and concise perspective on the principles of Customer Success and why this ‘customer first’ methodology provides a framework for any organization to build a community of supporters that trust and believe in a company that listens and continuously provides value. He offers a unique point of view, with helpful examples, along with insights from industry experts. An enjoyable read!”"

Tom Kiriakou, Director, Customer Success

 Customer Success is the value and the business growth that a customer realizes from their journey and investment in people and technology. Rediscovering Customer Success described as important is to create the best customer experience focused on strategic account planning, customer insights together with a value realization process. This book is a must read!”"

Maurizio Canton, VP Customer Success

 Vincent’s new book is a refreshing take on the customer success movement and on why it’s so important in today’s subscription economy. He cuts through the what of customer success and gives C-suite executives and customer success leaders a deep dive into the strategic motivators behind the urgent need for a true “customer first” mindset. This book should be required reading for executives in any company that has a subscription-based revenue model.”"

Jim Jones, Vice President of Customer Experience

 Vincent was talking to many of the influential Customer Success leaders in the industry. Reading about the different approaches to Customer Success as well as how different leaders are dealing with similar challenges and opportunities is very inspiring and gives food for thought.”"

Daniel Goldfeld, VP Customer Success

 Vincent has put together a great read outlining the blueprint for a customer to be successful and help grow their business through the use of proven strategies from organizations around the globe. In his latest book “Rediscovering Customer Success” he starts to move away from the Land and Expand motion onto how we can build positive lasting relationships with our customers. In order to win in today's fast-paced ever-evolving world of cloud solutions, you have to be ready to adapt on the fly and move with the needs of the customer. Vincent’s book will give you some of the tools to do that.”"

Trent Peterson – APAC Head of Customers Success

 Vincent’s latest masterpiece Rediscovering Customer Success explores the profound and business-critical issues that customer success solves for in the subscription economy. Quoting from customer success aristocrats across the globe, we are introduced to “customer mindshare” and “company spirit” while being reminded of the importance of “getting personal”. Throughout the book, Vincent expertly weaves these insights together and brings it all to life with case studies and infographics that could easily translate to a playbook or workshop. If I were answering an NPS survey on this, it is a 10 all the way!”"

Ronni Gaun, Senior Director, Customer Experience

 Rediscovering Customer Success is the essential read in imagining what the next generation of customer stickiness, loyalty, and engagement will be. Learning from the voices of industry experts through the written prose of Vincent, opened my eyes to different mindsets and approaches to deliver ultimate value to my clients and customers. I recommend this read for any leader in or outside of customer success, that is looking to up their game in building and delivering value.”"

Jerry Leisure, CEO

 Rediscovering Customer Success lays out a compelling call to action for businesses to embrace the customer success movement or risk being left behind. The book establishes key principles for companies looking to make this transition, which starts with truly putting the customer at the heart of what they do – going back to basics and realigning their entire business around what the customer is trying to achieve. Manlapaz provides clear takeaways for businesses to put this into practice and drive customer-led growth.”"

Alex Farmer, Vice President of Customer Success

 Purpose-driven organizations continually evaluate their customer's needs, their challenges, and keep developing their customer relationships to stay relevant as customers' expectations change." Vincent hits the nail on the head by describing how we as CS leaders need to level up our teams to build long-term partner level relationships. A must-read for today's ever-changing economy.”"

Tyler Wonderlic VP Customer Success

 Vincent’s book is a great starting point to understand the nuts and bolts of Customer Success, with a focus on SaaS businesses. For a non-fiction business book, it’s quite an interesting read and that's probably because it contains excerpts of the interviews that Vincent did in the last one year with Customer Success leaders across the globe. Depending on your experience, you might feel that the book is stating the obvious at certain places but you will equally acknowledge the fact that it also creates actionable steps towards better retention, growth, and advocacy. In my opinion, the content of the book is valuable to all that have any stake in the customer success department of any company and is surely worth the read.”"

Nimesh Mathur, Head of Customer Success (APAC)

 Sales brings in the money, Customer Success keeps it. Vincent and guests outline why a successful customer partnership is so much more than just picking up phones or answering an email.”"

Kyle Winward, Head of Customer Success/Support

 Vincent Manlapaz’s insight and dedication to Customer Successful is awe-inspiring! If you want to understand what your customers truly care about, grab this book today. His book will reveal small, simple changes in customer success that will exponentially grow your revenue in no time.”"

Gaurav Chawla, Manager of Customer Success

 You are reading this because you want to learn more about Customer Success. You want answers to big questions like, “How do I provide the best experience for my customers?” AND “How do I ensure my customers feel like they are heard?” This book will help get you there; it did for me. Vincent will step you through some of the core tenets of Customer Success, and you should notice some underlying themes. This book will help you understand strategies that make people’s lives, including yours, easier."

Sean Whitsitt, Head of Customer Success --Integration Services